Other Underlayments



Impacta® Floor Underlayments by Sound Seal are premium acoustical underlayment systems that have been engineered specially for each floor covering.All floor coverings are not the same and have different requirements to ensure proper installation and warranty of the floor.

Each Impacta underlayment has been manufactured to maintain the integrity and original warranty of the floor. Impacta underlayments are complete systems, no other material except the floor covering and setting material are needed.

Acoustic Floor Underlayments


Impacta Floor Underlayments are superior sound rated acoustic underlayments constructed to reduce vibration or structure borne noise in the floor/ceiling assembly. Impacta Underlayments are unlike other floor underlayments on the market today offering stability, durability, and certified sound performance. Impacta underlayments are very stable when walked upon. Many of today’s underlayments are made from foams, felts or rubber and many times prone to failure being too thin and not having enough rigid stability to properly support the floor and tend to flex or bounce when walked upon.

Redupax Acoustic Underlayment


Redupax Hardwood Floor Underlayments are premium sound rated acoustic underlayments designed to reduce vibration or structure borne noise in the floor/ceiling assembly.
Redupax Underlayments are unlike other floor underlayments in the market today offering stability, durability, leveling, thermal and certified sound performance.

ruber underlayments


Sound Seal, leading manufacturer of commercial and architectural acoustic noise control products offers the widest product selection in the soundproofing industry, announces its development and promotion of “Impacta ProBase” Rubber Underlayment. This will result in the expansion of products and distribution under the “Impacta ProBase“ brand. “ProBase”continues the tradition of offering the most advanced floor underlayment systems.



Superfloor acoustical carpet underlayment is a premium carpet pad designed for use under carpet and carpet tiles. Most carpet pads are made from foam or rubber and deteriorate very fast causing wear paths and wear spots in the carpet in areas of high traffic. Superfloor is different than any other carpet pad in the market today offering glue down or traditional carpet tack installation.



CERAZORB is a lightweight underlayment system that has been specially Designed for use under tile, stone and wood. CeraZorb offers high energy impact with low weight and will remain unchanged after repeated impact loads. CeraZorb is an expanded polypropylene underlayment that will not rot, swell, Absorb water and is anti-microbial. CeraZorb has been tested and has the Performance equal to ½” natural cork at a much lower price.